"Revenue from the community
for the community"
Foreword from the Minister

Warmest greetings to all and welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Revenue and Customs.

The Ministry for Revenue and Customs plays a crucial role in the operation of the government of Tonga with main duties involving the collection of revenue from taxes and duties, border security and trade facilitation. The Ministry is responsible for administering the tax laws in a fair and equitable manner and to try and improve the lives of all the people of Tonga. Therefore my stance on good governance is clear and I intend to implement measures that will keep any corruptions at a manageable level. The Ministry needs to constantly strive for excellence and be truly effective and efficient in all that it does, given the importance of its role for Tonga.

Here in the Ministry we strive to achieve the national outcome outlined in the Government of Tonga’s – Strategic Development Framework or known as TSDF 2015/2016, “A progressive Tonga supporting higher quality of life for all the people”.

The Ministry   will continue  to  monitor  environmental  pressures  and  the  Ministry’s performance  to  ensure  the  tax  system  is  sustainable  over  the  longer  term.    It will ensure that appropriate feedback mechanisms are in place to allow stakeholders, customers and staff the opportunity to comment or criticize the Ministry of Revenue and Custom’s performances as it will help with the future plans.

The adoption of appropriate ‘best practice’ procedures from other tax and customs administrations and other relevant regulatory organisations in the region which should all be congruent with the overall Corporate Plan, has been used by the Ministry to ensure fair and equitable tax system implementation for the people of Tonga.  We will serve to become better prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

With this in mind I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all stakeholders, the donor partners and all staff of the Ministry for your valuable contribution provided and we look forward to working closely together in the implementation of this Plan.

As I believe that working together shall lead the people to a progressive, secure and prosperous Tonga.

Thank you for visiting us,

Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu

Minister for Revenue and Customs


Improving the lives of Tongans through effective & efficient tax & customs administration