"Revenue from the community
for the community"
Message from the CEO

 Malo e lelei from the Ministry of Revenue and Customs!

 The mandate of the Ministry is to improve the lives of the Tongan people through effective and efficient tax collection, and also Customs administration. Us here in the Ministry strives to build and improve on the hard work, commitment and dedication of previous leaders through tax modernization and customs processes. This aims at reflecting the Ministry’s core role which is not limited to revenue collection, but we are also responsible for Tonga’s border security and the facilitations of trade.

The foundations of an effective and efficient revenue administration includes several factors namely the belief that the system used is fair impartially administered, the public are provided with relevant information and assistance to encourage them to comply.

This is the main focus outlined in the Ministry’s Corporate Plan for the next three years, to provide the people of Tonga with the services required through fair and efficient tax administration.

I am confident that the objectives outlined on this three year Plan will help direct the Ministry in the next three years cycle. They are intended to support the Government's aim for fiscal sustainability, and a public service that delivers results and value for money, while managing within tight fiscal constraints.

I know there are several challenges that lies ahead however I’m confident that us here in the Ministry of Revenue and Customs will make real progress during the next few years.

We are working to improve the public’s confidence in the Ministry and also working closely with our clients to meet the Community expectations. As our saying goes,“Revenue from the Community, for the Community”

Thank you for taking time to visit us.

Malo ‘Aupito,

Mr.Kelemete Vahe

CEO of Revenue and Customs

Improving the lives of Tongans through effective & efficient tax & customs administration