"Revenue from the community
for the community"
Tax Division

Delivery of services to agreed standards are the responsibility of this Program. Managers are responsible for the day to day management of Ministry of Revenue and Customs core activities and interaction with taxpayers. They are also responsible for creating a strong relationship with Head Office to provide feedback on recurring issues and risks identified.


The main functions for Corporate Services team;

  • Human Resource Management and Administration  
  • Financial Management and Advice
  • Information Technology support and System Management
  • Internal Audit and Planning

The main functions for Assessing and Review team;

  • Reviewing, assessing and issuing taxpayers taxation assessment
  • Consumption Tax Refund
  • Spot check and Specific Review

The main functions for the Processing team;

  • Processing of all tax returns for taxpayers
  • TIN and all tax type Registration & De-registration
  • Follow up non-filers
  • Data Cleansing
  • Filing & Cashier
  • Reconcile PAYE and Withholding tax
  • Extension and return Management

The main functions for the Client Services team;

  • To handle reactive services via answering correspondence
  • Providing training and other educational programs and seminars
  • Public awareness
  • Advisory visits

The main functions for the Audit & Risks team:

  • Audit Assurance
  • Taxpayer and Risk Profiling
  • Intelligence Tasks
  • Strategic and operational Risks
  • Comprehensive Review

The main functions for the Technical team:

  • Legislations, policies and amendments
  • Legal framework and advice to Minister and CEO
  • Respond to complex technical and legal issues raised by taxpayers
  • Manage objection appeals, ruling and technical policy for all tax types,
  • Represent the Ministry in the Tax Tribunal and Magistrate Court

The main functions for the Data Collections team:

  • Handling Tax clearance, statements, withholding certificates tax and references requests
  • Collecting of all tax revenues due to the Government
  • Installment Payments
  • Waivers and Penalties




Improving the lives of Tongans through effective & efficient tax & customs administration