"Revenue from the community
for the community"
Payment Methods

Direct Payments 

Most taxpayers prefer to pay their taxes directly to the Ministry.  To make a payment - simply bring your cash or cheque or card (EFTPOS facilities are available) to the Head Office.  Please make sure you get your receipt and store this. 

Online Payments 

Taxpayers can also pay their taxes online via eTax.

Direct Transfer

Payment can be made by Direct Transfers to the Ministry’s BSP or ANZ account number. For account details please email cst@revenue.gov.to or call telephone number 23444.

For any payments made via direct transfer, you are required to submit the following documentation to email cst@revenue.gov.to.

  • Scanned copy of the relevant Tax Form.
  • Copy of the Receipt (including Bank name, Receipt Number, Amount Paid).


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