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Government of Tonga


Public Notice.

The Ministry of Revenue and Customs wishes to remind ALL Taxpayers, Tax Agents and Accountants that CT and PAYE are due on Monday 28th of October 2018.   For all businesses both large and small, are reminded that the Annual Tax Return for Financial Year 2017/2018 are also due on the 31st October that this Wednesday next week.  Please do thoroughly check the completeness and accuracy of all information as we continue to receive incomplete and inaccurate information such as,

  •  Incorrect TIN provided which does not match RSD company/individual records 
  • Missing details such as phone contacts, email and postal addresses, bank account details, dates of birth for individuals, residency status, residential/business location address and taxpayer signatures; 
  • Declaration not signed.

We wish to advise all our customers that all returns that will now be brought in for lodgement will first be vetted at our Customer Service and Cashier counters before they are accepted and lodged in MORCs Revenue Management System. The same will apply to ALL lodgements received through mail system.

Should you have any queries or require assistance in filing your form, please contact our office @ 26432 or 7400550 for Client Services assistance or email us on:cst@revenue.gov.to



‘Oku ‘oatu heni ‘a e loto faka’apa’apa mo’oni mei Potungaue Tukuhau mo e Tute ki he kau totongi tukuhau kotoa pe tautautefito ki he ngaahi Pisinisi , kau Fakafofonga Tukuhau kotoa pe kemou  kataki ‘o fakapapau’i ‘oku ‘ikai tomui ho’omou fakamatala Tukuhau ‘i he ‘aho Monite 28 2018 pea ki he ngaahi pisinisi lalahi moe iiki kotoa pe ho’omou fakamatala fakata’u ki he vaha’ataimi 2017/2018 ‘oku ‘osi ki he ‘aho 31 ‘Okatopa 2018.  Fakapapau’i ‘oku kakato mo tonu ‘a e ngaahi fakamatala tukuhau ‘oku mou fakahu mai ki he Potungaue.

‘Oku lahi ‘a hono fakatokanga’I ‘a e fakahu mai e ngaahi fakamatala tukuhau ‘oku ‘ikai kakato mo tonu ‘o hange ko e ngaahi Fika ngaue ,ngaahi fika fetu’utaki,fika ‘imeili ,feitu’u ‘o e pisinisi,ngaahi ‘aho fae’ele’I mo e ‘ikai ke fakamo’oni mai e tokotaha totongi Tukuhau.

‘Oku mau fakaha atu heni ‘e ‘ikai toe tali ha ngaahi foomu ‘ikai kakato mo tonu ‘e fakahu mai ‘I he ‘emau kanita ‘I mu’a ‘o tatau pe ki he fakahu mai ‘I he online.

Ka ‘I ai ha toe ngaahi faka’eke’eke moha ngaahi fiema’u makehe fekau’aki mo fakafonu ha ngaahi foomu ,temau fiefia ke tokoni’I koe ‘I ha’o fetu’utaki mai ki he 26432 pe 7400550 ki he Va’a Ngaue ki tu’a pe email mai ki he cst@revenue.gov.to.


Faka’apa’apa atu mei he Potungaue Tukuhau mo Tute.

Improving the lives of Tongans through effective & efficient tax & customs administration