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19/04/2010 3:22:30 a.m.




Nukualofa Port Time Release Study aimed at reducing time and cost for legitimate Traders 

Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Revenue and Customs Mr. Kelemete Vahe announced today Tonga would conduct its first Time Release Study (TRS) of Sea Cargo Clearance procedures at Port Nukualofa between 4-11 February 2020.

He said, simplified and transparent trade procedures are a key component of good trade policy and vital for economic growth. Internationally, border clearance procedures result in some of the most significant and time-consuming delays in cross border trade and add significant costs to import/export transactions. Eliminating bureaucratic bottlenecks, streamlining processes and implementation of modern automated systems and non-invasive technologies, are critical to improving trade facilitation and is a priority for the Ministry.

The Time Release Study is a unique tool and method developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) for measuring the actual performance of Customs and other clearance activities as they directly relate to release and clearance times at the border. It will also provide detailed information, analyses and advice on border clearance processes to assist the Government to improve its trade facilitation performance. This TRS follows on from a successful 2019 5-day training workshop, jointly organised by the, WCO, World Bank Group and Ministry of Revenue in Tongatapu to enhance the internal capacity of all government agencies, private sector, and logistics operators involved with imports and exports to strengthen their capacities to conduct a TRS and build a consensus for coordinated border management reforms.

This initial TRS, coordinated by the Ministry of Revenue & Customs with support from the WCO and World Bank Group, will provide a baseline for measuring trade facilitation performance today. Designed to be repeated at regular intervals, subsequent TRSs will reflect the effective implementation of recommended reform and modernization activities and their impact on cargo release times and cost. The initial TRS will also support Tonga commitments under the WTO TFA, specifically Article 7.6 (Establishment and Publication of Average Release Times) and alignment with WCO and other international standards and best practice.

The TRS report and findings will be available to government within 90 days of completion of the study.


Ongoongo Tukuatu Faka-Ofisiale

Savea Kihe Time Release Study ‘ihe Taulanga Nuku’alofa Fakataumu’a kihono Fakasiisii ‘oe taimi moe Fakamole kihe kau Fefakataua’aki

Na‘e fakaha he ‘ahoni ‘e he Pule Lahi ‘oe Potungaue Tukuhau moe Tute, Mr. Kelemete Vahe ‘e fakahoko ‘ihe taulanga Nuku’alofa ‘ae fuofua savea feakau‘aki moe taimi tukuatu (TRS) kihe ngaahi ngaue ‘oku fakahoko kihono faka’ataa atu ‘oe koloa uta vaka tahi, meihe aho 4 11 ‘o Fepueli, 2020.

Na‘a ne pehe, koe founga ngaue fefakatau‘aki ‘oku mahino ngofua mo ‘ata kitu‘a, ‘oku hoko ia koe taha ‘oe ngaahi makatu‘unga ‘o ha palani ngaue fefakatau‘aki lelei pea ‘oku mahu‘inga kihe tupulaki ‘oe ‘ekonomika. ‘I tu‘apule‘anga, koe ngaue kihono faka‘ataa atu ‘oe ngaahi uta meihe kau‘afonua ‘oku hoko ia koe konga mahu‘inga kihe mole ‘o e taimi lahi ‘I he fefakatau‘aki faka vaha‘apule‘anga pea ‘oku ne toe tanaki atu ‘ae fakamole kihe fefakatauaki koloa humai/huatu. Kohono fakasi‘isi‘i koia ‘oe ngaahi fakafe‘atungia ‘oe fatongia pea mo hono tokanga’i oe ngaahi ngaue mo hono fakahoko ‘oe fakalakalaka faka-komipiuta kihe ngaue’anga, ‘oku mahu‘inga ia kihono langa hake ‘oe fefakatau‘aki pea ‘oku hoko ia koe ngaue tu’ukimu’a ‘ae Potungaue.

Koe savea feakau‘aki moe taimi tukuatu (TRS) koha me’angaue moha founga makehe kuo fa‘u ‘ehe World Customs Organization (WCO) kihono fua ‘oe fakahoko fatongia ‘ae Kasitomu pea moe ngaahi kautaha ‘ihe taulanga ‘oku nau felave’i kihono fe’avea’aki fakatuapule’anga ‘ae ngaahi koloa. ‘Oku ne toe ‘omai foki moha fakamatala fakaikiiki, analaiso mo ha fale’i kihe founga ngaue ke tokoni kihe Pule’anga ke fakalelei‘i ‘ae ngaue kihono tokonia oe fefakatau’aki. Koe TRS koeni ‘oku hokoatu ia meihe ako ‘aho ‘e nima ne fakahoko he 2019, nae fakahoko ‘ehe WCO, Pangike ‘a Mamani pea moe Potungaue Pa’anga Hu Mai moe Kasitomu ke fakahoko ha ngaue fakalelei kihe ngaahi ngaue’anga ‘oe Pule’anga, sekitoa taautaha pea moe ngaahi kautaha felave’i moe koloa hu mai moe koloa hu atu ke tokoni kihono poupou’i ‘oe TRS pea mo fa’u ha feongoongoi ‘ihe ngaue fakalelei’i ‘oe kau’afonua.

Koe fuofua TRS koeni, oku tukuatu ‘ehe Potungaue Tukuhau moe Tute moe tokoni ‘ae WCO moe Pangike ‘a Mamani, ha fakafuofua kihono fua’i ‘oe tu’unga ‘oe tokonia e fefakatau’aki. ‘Oku fatu eni ke fakahoko ‘iha ngaahi taimi vaofi, koe ngaahi TRS hokohoko mai e faka’ata mai ai ‘ae fakahoko ‘oe ngaahi fokotuutuu ke liliu moe ngaahi ngaue fakalakalaka pea moe uesia lelei kihe taimi ‘oe faka’ataa ‘oe uta moe totongi. Koe fuofua TRS e poupou kihe ngaahi tukupa ‘a Tonga kihe WTO, TFA, kae fakatefito kihe Article 7.6 (Establishment and Publication of Average Release Times) pea ke fakatonu kihe WCO moe ngaahi founga ngaue fakatu’apule’anga.

Koe lipooti moe ola ‘oe TRS ‘e tukuatu kihe Pule’anga ‘i loto he ‘aho ‘e 90 meihe ‘aho ‘e aofangatuku ai e savea koeni.








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