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New Customs Vessel
2/05/2006 9:28:49 p.m.

New Customs Vessel

8 April 2006

This is the new Customs surveillance boat, which is expected to arrive in Tonga next week from Australia.

An AusAID-funded vessel, the boat will used by Customs Officers to track down any foreign vessels that are harbouring without proper and legal clearance. It will also allow officers to board and survey ships that have yet to enter the harbour, if necessary.

The Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Alexander Downer, will officially hand over the vessel to the Minister of Finance Hon Siosiua T.T ‘Utoikamanu on the 21st of April at the Touliki Naval Base. 

The boat will not be permanently based in Tongatapu; it will be transferred to Vava'u at a later date. The boat is another step in the Customs Department’s reform program for the improvement of its services and the strengthening of border control security for trade.

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