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Customs and Excise Bill - Public Submission
20/05/2006 5:23:48 p.m.

The Minister of Finance, Hon. Siosiua T.T. ‘Utoikamanu has released the Customs and Excise Bill for public consultation. 

This Bill relates to the collection of revenue, management of Customs and other Customs related matters. 

A copy of the Bill can be downloaded from the websites below or by calling the Reform Information Office on 21 030.

For those wanting to provide a submission on the Bill please forward your comments to the following:

Public Submissions

By post:
Henry Cocker
Office of the Minister of Finance
PO Box 87
Hala Vuna
By fax or e-mail:
Fax: 26 011
e-mail: rrio@revenue.gov.to or

Deadline: 30 June 2006

The Customs and Excise Bill can be downloaded from:
For further information please contact:
Reform Information Office
Office of the Minister of Finance
Ph: 21 030
e-mail: rio_tonga@yahoo.com
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