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Border control authorities join forces to maximise border security
1/08/2006 8:51:51 a.m.

Border control authorities join forces to maximise border security

28 July 2006 


The Minister of Finance and Chief Commissioner of Revenue opened the Border Agency Forum in Nuku’alofa today which aims to ensure Tonga’s borders are properly secured.


The purpose of the forum is to bring together all Government of Tonga departments and agencies that have some form of border management function to discuss their roles and areas of mutual interest and benefits. Representatives from the Immigration Department, Quarantine Department, Tonga Defence Services, Ministry of Police, Ministry of Fisheries, Ports Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, and the Tonga Customs Service attended.


“I am particularly pleased this is the first time we have all of the border control agencies to try and coordinate this work,” said the Minister. 


“I believe this is particularly important given the new challenges that we face.  It would appear these challenges are becoming increasingly tough, and with our limited resources it is important that we make a concerted effort to maximise our outputs and to ensure that the borders of Tonga are properly controlled and secured.” 

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