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15TH Oceania Customs Organisation Annual Conference
9/10/2013 2:36:09 p.m.

The Customs and Trade Division of the Ministry of Revenue, is hosting the 15th Oceania Customs Organisation Annual Conference in Tonga from the 29th April to the 3rd of May 2013.

The Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) Conference brings together twenty-three Customs Administrations of Oceania (Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia). The OCO was previously known as the Customs Heads of Administration Regional Meeting (CHARM).  The Annual Conference is held in a different member country each year since its first conference convened in Rarotonga, Cook Islands in 1986.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Innovation for Customs Progress’.  To date over seventy delegates have confirmed that they will be attending the conference.

The conference will be officially opened by The Prime Minister of Tonga, Lord Tu’ivakano on Tuesday 30 April 2013 at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre.

The CEO for Revenue, Mrs. Daphney Stone said that “the Ministry welcomes the opportunity to host the 15th OCO annual conference here in Tonga.  The OCO Secretariat and the Tongan Customs’ staff have been busy preparing and finalizing the arrangements for the conference. We look forward to a progressive, innovative and successful conference.” 







‘Oku talitali ‘e he Va’a Kasitomu mo e Fefakatau’aki ‘a e Potungaue Pa’anga Humai, ‘a hono fakahoko mai ki Tonga ni ‘a e konifelenisi fakata’u hono 15 ‘a e Kautaha Kasitomu ‘a e ‘Osenia (Oceania Customs Organisation) mei he ‘aho 29 ‘o ‘Epeleli ki he ‘aho 3 Me 2013.

Ko e konifelenisi ko eni ‘e kau mai ki ai ‘a e ngaahi ‘Ofisi Kasitomu ‘e 23 ‘o ‘Osenia.  Ko e Kautaha Kasitomu ‘a e ‘Osenia na’e ‘uluaki ‘iloa ia ko e Fakataha Fakafeitu’u ‘a e Kau Taki ‘a e Ngaahi Potungaue Kasitomu ‘a e Pasifiki.  Ko e fakataha fakata’u ko eni ‘oku fakahoko ia ‘i he ngaahi fonua memipa ‘o talu mei he ‘uluaki fakataha na’e fai ‘i Rarotonga, Cook Islands ‘i he ta’u 1986.

Ko e kaveinga ‘o e konifelenisi ‘o e ta’u ni ko e “Ko e ‘ilo fo’ou ki he fakalakalaka ‘a e ngaue kasitomu”.  ‘Oku ‘osi a’u ki he kau fakafofonga ‘e toko 50 kuo fakapapau’i ‘e kau mai ki he konifelenisi ni.

Ko konifelenisi ‘e fakaava ia ‘e Lord Tu’ivakano, ko e Palemia ‘o Tonga ‘i he ‘aho Tusite 30 ‘o ‘Epeleli 2013 ‘i he Senita Fakataha’anga ‘i Fa’onelua.

Na’e pehe ‘e he Pule Ngaue ki he Pa’anga Humai, Daphney Stone, “‘Oku talitali fiefia ‘e he Potungaue ‘a e faingamalie ko eni ke fakahoko mai ki Tonga ni ‘a e konifelenisi hono 15 ‘a e Kautaha Kasitomu ‘a e ‘Osenia.  ‘Oku lolotonga fakakakato ‘e he ‘Ofisi Sekelitali ‘a e Kautaha Kasitomu ‘a e ‘Osenia mo e kau ngaue ‘a e Va’a Kasitomu ‘a Tonga ni ‘a e ngaahi teuteu ki he konifelenisi.  ‘Oku mau ‘amanaki ki ha konifelenisi ‘oku ne fakalakalaka ‘a e ngaue fakakasitomu , lahi ‘a e ‘ilo fo’ou pea mo ola lelei foki.”



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