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Uncustomed Goods Seizure
9/10/2013 3:53:38 p.m.

On early Tuesday morning the 4th of September Customs Officers seized a large number of items that had being moved without Customs authorization from an overseas vessel whilst it was in Nuku’alofa port.

The goods (including perishables) are being held by Customs and Quarantine.  A report is currently being completed and the incident has been referred to the Tonga Police for further investigation.

Customs discovered the illegal activity whilst a customs officer witnessed the illegal activity between two vessels at sea. He immediately contacted his supervisor, which resulted in a number of officers attending to the vessel that had been in contact with the overseas vessel.

This is a good example of Customs being vigilant to interdict the unauthorized movement of goods at the border.

According to the CEO Ministry of Revenue, “This incidence highlight the important work that our Customs Officers are carrying out, that is, not only to collect money for the Government coffers, but also to ensure that these sorts of activities do not take place in our shores. With the limited resources we have available to monitor our borders, these Customs officers work is greatly appreciated.”










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