"Revenue from the community
for the community"
Customs Launches Investigation into New Law-Breaking Behaviour
5/04/2017 9:28:23 a.m.

Customs has uncovered incidents of companies importing goods under alternate/incorrect company names. This is in direct violation of the Customs & Excise Management Act 2007.

Customs is treating this matter very seriously and a full-scale investigation has been launched into the matter and it continues to closely monitor similar illegal activities.

The Head of Tonga Customs wishes to remind the business community that any companies or entities found to be carrying out similar illegal activities will be subjected to severe sanctions, including substantial financial penalties —

“The revenue that Customs collects belongs to the people of Tonga and businesses that profit here must contribute their fair share to our development, any businesses that try to avoid payment will be identified and punished’.

Customs is appealing to the public to contact the authorities if they have any knowledge of similar illegal activities.

Businesses who may be involved in similar transactions are also encouraged to come forward for more favorable consideration before they are identified through the course of Customs investigations.








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