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Temporary Close Down of Business for Non-Compliance with Tax Obligations
10/07/2017 10:54:29 a.m.

The Ministry of Revenue and Customs, on Tuesday morning 13th of June 2017, conducted its first temporary close down operation for 2017. The taxpayer involved is a company that owns and operates 4 retail shops each located at Ma’ufanga, Pea, Ha’akame and Fatai. The shops were simultaneously closed by 4 teams consisted of revenue officers and police officers.

The taxpayer owes income tax and consumption tax that has not been paid by the due date. The tax liability was assessed as an outcome of a sales tracking mission conducted by the Ministry in July, August and September 2016. The mission found alarming results in that the taxpayers involved were under declaring their sales resulting in under paid income tax and consumption tax. It was also found that these taxpayers were not properly keeping and maintaining their records according to law. Except for this company, all other taxpayers involved in the sales tracking mission came forward with settlement arrangements which were satisfactory to the Ministry.

The temporary close down operation is in accordance with section 19 of the Revenue Services Administration Act 2002, as amended which gives power to the Ministry to close down a business temporarily for 14 days because of non-payment of income tax from employment income or consumption tax. It is intended to encourage the taxpayer to come forward and settle tax due.

At the time of this press release, the taxpayer has come forward and paid part of his tax liability and the Ministry is in the process of finalizing settlement arrangement before the shops can be re-opened.

The Ministry wishes to take this opportunity to issue a strong reminder to all taxpayers of the importance of keeping records of all business related transactions and urges taxpayers to always make complete and accurate declarations in tax returns.

With its sales tracking missions set to continue through the next financial year, the Ministry is urging the taxpaying community to voluntarily comply with Tonga’s taxation laws to avoid serious actions being taken against them. If you have outstanding tax obligations, you are encouraged to come forward so we can make arrangements that would best suit all.


Ministry of Revenue and Customs



Na’e fakahoko ‘e he Potungaue Tanaki Pa’anga Hu Mai mo e Tute, ‘i he pongipongi ‘o e ‘aho Tusite 13 ‘o Sune 2017, ‘a hono tapuni fakataimi ‘a e kautaha ‘a ia ‘oku ne fakalele ‘a e ngaahi falekoloa fakatau fakamovetevete ‘e 4 ‘i Tongatapu. Ko e ngaahi fale ko ‘eni ‘oku tu’u ‘i Ma’ufanga, Pea, Ha’akame pea taha ‘i Fatai. Na’e fakahoko taimi taha pe ‘a e tapuni ‘o e ngaahi fale ‘e he fo’i timi ‘e 4 ‘a ia na’e kau ki ai ‘a e kau ‘ofisa tukuhau pea pehee ki he kau ‘ofisa polisi.

Ko e tapuni fakataimi ko ‘eni na’e fakahoko ia koe’uhi ko e ‘ikai totongi ‘e he kautaha ‘a hono mo’ua tukuhau pa’anga hu mai mo e tukuhau ngaue’aki. Na’e kau foki ‘a e kautaha ko ‘eni ‘i he ngaahi kautaha na’e fakahoko ki ai ‘a e polokalama lau ‘o e ngaahi fakatau faka’aho na’e fakahoko ‘e he Potungaue ‘i he ngaahi mahina Siulai, ‘Aokosi mo Sepitema ‘o e ta’u 2016. Na’e mahino foki mei he ola ‘o e fo’i polokalama ko ‘eni ‘a e ‘ikai totonu ‘a e ngaahi fakamatala tukuhau ‘a kinautolu na’e kau ki he polokalama ‘o iku si’isi’i ai ‘a e tukuhau na’a nau totongi ‘i he tukuhau na’e totonu ke totongi. Na’e toe ‘ilo foki ko e ngaahi kautaha ko ‘eni na’e ‘ikai pe kenau tauhi fakalelei ‘enau ngaahi lekooti fakapisinisi ‘o fakatatau ki he lao. Ko ia ai ne fika’i ‘e he Potungaue ‘a e ngaahi mo’ua tukuhau ko ‘eni pea tukukehe ‘a e kautaha ko ‘eni ‘oku tapuni fakataimi, na’e lava kotoa mai ‘a e toenga ‘o fai ‘a e alea mo e Potungaue ki he totongi honau ngaahi mo’ua.

Ko e ngaue ko ‘eni ‘oku fakahoko ‘e he Potungaue ‘oku fakamafai’i ia ‘e he kupu 19 ‘o e Lao ki hono Pule’i ‘o e Ngaahi Ngaue Tanaki Pa’anga Hu Mai 2002, ‘i hono fakatonutonu. Ko e kupu ko ‘eni ‘oku ne ‘oange ‘a e mafai ki he Potungaue ke tapuni fakataimi ha pisinisi ‘i he ‘aho ‘e 14 koe’uhi ko e ‘ikai totongi ‘a e tukuhau ta’ofi pe ko e tukuhau ngaue’aki.

‘I he fakahoko atu ‘o e fanongonongo ni, kuo ‘osi a’u mai ‘a e tokataha ‘oku ‘a’ana ‘a e kautaha ‘o totongi ‘a e konga ‘o ‘ene mo’ua pea mo fakahoko ‘a e talanoa ki he founga ki hono totongi ‘a e toenga mo’ua. ‘Oku kei fakahoko ‘a e alea ko ‘eni ke a’u ki ha tu’unga ‘oku fakafiemalie ka e toki fakaava ‘a e ngaahi falekoloa.

‘Oku ma’u faingamalie ai pe heni ‘a e Potungaue ke fakatokanga atu ki he kakai totongi tukuhau ‘o e fonua ke mou lava pe fetu’utaki mai ke fai ha talanoa femahino’aki ‘o kapau ‘oku ‘i ai ha’o palopalema fakatukuhau. ‘Oku toe fakamanatu atu ‘a e mahu’inga ‘o e tauhi lekooti he ko e tu’utu’uni ia ‘a e lao ke ne lava ‘o fakaha ‘oku totonu ‘a e ngaahi fika ‘oku ‘omai ‘i ho’o fakamatala pa’anga.

Malo mo e faka’apa’apa

Potungaue Tanaki Pa’anga Hu Mai mo e Tute





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