"Revenue from the community
for the community"
Tax Week 2018 Launching Press Release
16/10/2018 4:39:14 p.m.

“Working Together for a Safer and Prosperous Tonga”

Tax Week 2018

The Minister of Revenue and Customs, Hon. Māteni Tapueluelu, yesterday morning, launched the 2018 Tax Week with the theme, “Let’s Work Together for a Safer and Prosperous Tonga”.   This was held at the Digicel Square, Nuku’alofa and attended by government Ministers, Embassy officials, Church leaders, CEOs, Town Officers and members of the business community and general public.

In his keynote address he highlighted this year’s theme that when a nation comes together, each citizen is required to contribute to the collective body, which is the government.

He then quote Clause 18 of the Constitution, “All the people have the right to expect that the Government will protect their life, liberty and property and therefore it is right for all the people to support and contribute to the Government according to law.”

He also stressed that part of his Ministry’s development was valuing partnership in working closely with businesses and the people for the betterment of Tonga.

“As part of our reform, we from the Ministry of Revenue and Customs have listened to the voices of our business communities and people and we realize that in our current economic climate and growth, we must establish a partnership with the people in how we collect our tax to run our Kingdom.”

“We must have a common deep understanding and acceptance of this tax responsibility,” he said. 

According to the CEO of the Ministry of Revenue and Customs, Mr. Kelemete Vahe, “This is a call to the Ministry to do the very best we can, but to seek the support and cooperation of all stakeholders to ensure the correct taxes are collected, secured and improve trading environment and enhance border security through coordinated  efforts.”

He also alleged combating cross-border crime is our responsibility, and one that the Ministry takes seriously in its efforts to ensure a “safer” environment. The move to vigorously ensure a Safer and Prosperous Tonga is a national call for collaborative action by all stakeholders and every one of us. We want our people to continue enjoying freedom and to enjoy peaceful lives in our country while prospering economically and socially.

The Tax Week continues with various events throughout the week, at the Digicel Square, each evening until Friday, 19th October 2018. This will be followed by a float on Saturday and conclude with a mass at Saione on Sunday.




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