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District Town Officers Forum
2/05/2010 8:05:06 p.m.


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                                                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 26th November, 2019



District Town Officers Forum


The Ministry of Revenue and Customs (MoRC), led by Acting CEO – Mr. Maamaloa Fotofili and staff, conducted a Tax Awareness Program in conjunction with the Customs Divisions however in particular to the War on Drugs. This program was held at Pasilika – Conference Quarters, Nuku’alofa and attended by representatives from The Ministry of Internal Affairs, District Town Officers, and Town Officers.

The focus of this program was to introduce the core functions of the Ministry of Revenue & Customs to all District Town Officers and Town Officers alike while simultaneously building an active relationship that will be beneficial not only for the government ministries but especially for the people of Tonga.

It is forecasted in the near future by the Ministry that two (2) forums will be conducted a year, being that March and August have been selected as the two respective months within the year that is most suitable to hold these forums. Additionally, tax awareness programs will be conducted in all villages from April to June of every year. In doing so, the ministry will work in conjunction with related government line ministries in hopes of motivating District Town Officers and Town Officers alike in promoting tax awareness and support the government in the War on Drugs.


Pictured: District Town Officers, Town Officers, Ministry of Internal Affairs Representatives and MoRC Staff.


If you have any queries regarding Tax matters please contact us at (676) 26-432 / cst@revenue.gov.to or 0800123 / kelemetev@gmail.com for matters regarding the War on Drugs.


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